Jan 22

We Are Watching HISTORY!

New England Patriots or Philadelphia Eagles?  Normally I would cheer for the Eagles if it were any other Super Bowl as it would be epic to see the Kings of the Gridiron dethroned.  However, this is no other Super Bowl.  We are watching HISTORY being made as Belichick, Brady and the rest of the Patriots seal their fate as one of the greatest sports teams of all time!  Come February 4, I will be a Patriots fan.  Until then, I shall continue to enjoy the recent releases of digital cards in Topps Huddle .  I didn’t get too many Chargers this last month but there were plenty of inserts to be had.  The graphic design is so good that I have to figure out a way to project their images on the wall as if they’re works of art in a museum!

Open for trades in Topps Huddle and Panini Gridiron – Looking for Chargers, Lions, Marcus Mariota, Danny Woodhead and Hunter Henry
Topps Fan Name = SD-PADRES | Panini Gridiron ID = SD-CHARGERS