Dec 28

Relic Set Complete

Relic set complete.  Not often I can say that but it’s true in the Topps Kick trading card app.  In the Bundesliga Chase Tier 4, you can go after a nice 7 card relic set where the odds are 1:7 in a 1,400 coin, 4 card pack.  Given that you’re awarded 20,000 free coins once a day if you play, it’s not terribly a hard set to complete.  However, on a few occasions I found the same relic would get pulled, so I ended up completing a few trades to complete the set.

I’m still at Tier 3 in the Premier League chase, but I’m hoping there’s a similar offering once I move up.  There’s been some other great inserts to chase as well – Chrome, International, and more.

Open for trades in Topps Kick and Upper Deck ePack – Looking for San Jose Quakes and Relics
Topps Fan Name = SD-Padres | Upper Deck ePack ID = SD-PADRES