Jan 07

Holiday and Fire

The Ducks are now ranked 4th in the NHL Western Conference while the Gulls have moved up to 5th in the AHL.  As the season progresses, so does the collection of digital cards.  Upper Deck ePack recently came out with 2017-18 MVP Hockey while Topps released their Holiday (candy cane base parallels) and Fire Insert sets.  I think the Topps Fire set goes well with hockey unlike baseball.  In baseball, the cards seem too busy as if you’re just looking at graffiti sprayed on a tunnel wall.  On the hockey cards, the players seem to stand out much better.  Pictured below are some the recent cards pulled.

Holiday Set


Hockey Inserts and Base Cards

Open for trades in Topps Skate and Upper Deck ePack – Looking for Ducks
Topps Fan Name = SD-PADRES | Upper Deck ePack ID = SD-PADRES