Aug 08

Cutting Off His Hand

The Walking Dead is 1 of 18 shows in my Netflix queue and with my round-robbin method of watching them, it’s taken awhile to get to my next episode, Tell It to the Frogs.  For once I wasn’t stressed out after watching it.  Got to hand it to that Merle Dixon (no pun intended), cutting off his hand was insane!  It makes me wonder how the other characters will develop over the next few seasons.  My exposure thus far has been from the Topps trading cards. I’ve been working on a PC of Sasha Williams and Tara Chambler.  However, as I delve into more episodes and look at the cards, I look forward to seeing what happens to the other characters like Hershel Greene.  In one of his cards, a sword is held to his neck as if he were to be decapitated.  Did he get infected?  Does he want to be put out of his misery before he becomes a zombie?  So many questions come to mind.  I can only theorize what will happen as I look at some recent cards pulled from the Topps app: