Category: MMA

Dec 29

Will Holm Get A Beating?

Two years ago Holly Holm gave Ronda Rousey a beating that essentially ended the golden maiden’s career.  This weekend Holm will fight against an arguably better competitor as she faces Cris Cyborg in UFC 219.  Will Holm get a beating like what she gave Rousey, or will she be victorious?  My money is on Cyborg …

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Nov 17

Time’s Running Out

Some recent pulls from Topps Knockout – I’m trying to get the Michelle Waterson autograph but time’s running out.   Wondering if I should blow the remaining 700K coins I have on packs that have odds of 1:250, or if I should save it for a bigger name. Open for trades in Topps Knockout and Upper …

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Oct 10


Nothing.  Nothing at all.  I had 2.6 million coins to spend and nothing.  The Paige Van Zant signature card would remain elusive.  Signature and relics are becoming more difficult to come by as they’re often limited to crystal packs.  However, Van Zant’s signature also became available in a 10K coin pack with the odds of …

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Sep 18

Fists Of Fury

It’s been a few weeks now since the dust has settled on the McGregor v. Mayweather fight, and although McGregor lost he stuck it out to the very end.  I think he would have won the battle if he weren’t limited to boxing.  But then again maybe Mayweather wouldn’t be wearing the boxing gloves and …

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Aug 18

A Rainbow Parallel Chase

Two inserts – that’s all there is! I’ve only pulled 2 inserts in Topps Knockout since my last MMA post.  This is due to a lack of releases in the coin packs and the increase in Diamond Packs for inserts are only available.  I did get a nice Paige VanZant red base card (pictured below).  …

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