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Dec 23

Crossroad For The Chargers

The Chargers (7/7) are at a crossroad where they need to continue winning more of their games in order to make the playoffs.  They play the Jets (5/9) next and have a chance to leap forward in the standings, but that’s if the Ravens(8/6), Raiders (6/8) and Dolphins (6/8) lose their games.  The Ravens are …

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Nov 14

Foul Stench In The NFL

The NFL hasn’t taken foot in our household this season as the Los Angeles Chargers started the season poorly (3-6) and the multitude of players putting a foul stench over the game with their protests.  This has lead me to stop buying packs of football cards (among other reasons).  Nevertheless, I’ll continue to collect my …

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Sep 05


The regular season is upon us and I’m not certain if I’ll be cheering for as the Chargers who left San Diego for Los Angeles, or if I’ll be leaning more on my secondary team, the Detroit Lions.  Performance-wise both teams performed the same during the pre-season with 2 wins and 2 losses.  The Chargers …

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Aug 11

Nothing Like A Brawl

There’s nothing like a brawl on the field to get football fans fired up and that’s what happened at the Chargers – Rams joint practice session this last week.  Antics like this is what makes playing professional sports more difficult each season as the NFL (and MLB for baseball) come up with more rules and …

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Jul 21

Fire You Up

I love baseball.  Whether it’s hearing the broadcast on the radio or attending a Sunday afternoon game at Petco Park, waiting to catch a foul ball belted out past the 3rd base line, it’s a sport where you can relax and absorb every detail of the experience.  Football, on the other hand, is a sport …

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