Category: Wrestling

Dec 23

One Of These Days…

One of these days Topps will bridge the gap between the digital card word and physical cards like Upper Deck ePack.  I would be willing to pay real money for digital cards if I could have a physical copy mailed to me.  Granted, I wouldn’t have every card mailed – only those that I PC. …

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Nov 09

Exotic Women Of The Eastern Orient

Historians from centuries ago would write about the exotic women of the Eastern Orient, fulfilling the imaginations of men with their mysterious ways.  Asuka defies the imagination – she’s punishes with pizzazz any woman who dares enter the ring against her.  My favorite move is her hip attack and the smacking of her fanny as …

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Sep 27

No Mercy

The collection of Topps Slam cards dramatically increased with the release of a ton of inserts including No Mercy and Women’s Division Wrestling.  The in-ring action shots are the best because they’re a reminder of what was actually seen on television.  The portrait shots are nice but after collecting enough throughout the year, something begins …

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Sep 11

Outlandish Wrestlers

Here’s the latest set of wrestling inserts that were pulled from Topps Slam – the ones I found most interesting.  I was originally going to post about 30 of the eCards but realized that’s way too many.  Since I now have access to my physical trading cards, you’ll see less posts on the eCards, and …

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Aug 15

Legends From My Youth

Five Star inserts hit Topps Slam these last few weeks and it was easy to build up the collection give the multiple purchasing options.  My preference was the 25K coin pack that included 20 cards with insert odds of 1:3 for a Set of Jericho insert, 1:8 for a Naomi insert, 5 guaranteed blue inserts, …

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