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Jan 03

Mass Destruction

If you haven’t seen Star Wars: The Last Jedi, then take the afternoon off from work or reserve a lazy Saturday afternoon and head to the theater to watch this next episode in the Star Wars saga.  I took the family on opening day at AMC where we had the nice lazy-boy recliners reserved for …

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Dec 31


As a runner I’ve had my share of injuries, aches, and pains, including where my calf muscle cramps up like a rock.  Yeah, that’s painful but it’s nothing compared to what Hershel must have felt when a walker chomped on his lower leg like it was a KFC drumstick!  Ouch!  Luckily the man survived but …

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Dec 23

One Of These Days…

One of these days Topps will bridge the gap between the digital card word and physical cards like Upper Deck ePack.  I would be willing to pay real money for digital cards if I could have a physical copy mailed to me.  Granted, I wouldn’t have every card mailed – only those that I PC. …

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Dec 06

Preparing For The Last Jedi

Andrew and I just started watching Star Wars Rebels and we’re about a quarter way through the first season – a great way to prepare for the upcoming Star Wars: The Last Jedi.  Although it’s been awhile since I’ve purchased cards, I’m still getting my daily fix from Topps Star Wars Card Trader.  I’m always …

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Dec 05

Two Men Destroyed

Two men destroyed – one who kept his ideals of a civilized society and the other a realist who realized survival trumps ideals.  Dale Horvath died while defending his beliefs.  The group of survivors decided to kill their prisoner and that did not sit well with Dale.  There was no judicial process in determining the …

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