Welcome to RAD Trading Cards!  Like many of you, collecting cards began for me at an early age.  I distinctly remember saving my weekly allowance so that my friend, Joe, and I could ride our BMX bikes to the neighborhood liquor store and pick out a pack of Topps baseball cards for 35¢.  Of course these were the years when manufacturers flooded the market with cards, so they were easy to come by.  Nevertheless, it never detracted the thrill, the rush, of going on “the hunt” to find cards to complete a team set, or to get a card of Don Mattingly or Dwight Gooden, star players of that era.

As I grew older, collecting was put on the back burner as life’s responsibilities took over.  Many years later, my son, who was seven at the time, came home with a set of Pokeman cards that his friend, Ponchito, gave to him.  He spoke like a seasoned expert, rattling off characteristics and telling me which cards were good to have.  The fire in his eyes reminded me of my youth and I wondered how something so simple and pleasing could be locked away for so long.

Soon thereafter I began clearing out the garage in search of collectibles I stored from long ago.  As I brought down the dusty boxes held high in the rafters, I broke them open and memories of my youth came flooding back.  Star Wars, GI Joe, Transformers.  I saved these for my son who, ironically, had no interest in except for the Transformers.  At last, I found just 2 boxes of baseball cards.  I could have sworn there were more, but they must have been sold at a garage sale long ago.  Nevertheless, the excitement came back and soon I began collecting once more.

People collect for many reasons.  There are card hunters, like me, who love the thrill of finding specific cards to build up a set.  There are the “players” like my son, who gather with friends and use the cards in games.  Unbeknownst to them, childhood bonds are forged and memories of a lifetime are their reward.  There are the collectors, those who find the highest grade card that appeals to them, have it encased and maybe even professionally graded, so that it may be displayed proudly like fine art in a museum.  Lastly, there are those who fall under all of the above.  They play Magic at the local Game shop on Friday night yet have a private collection no-one else dare touch.

I started RAD Trading Cards to share our fun in collecting cards.  RAD comes from our names: Roman (my nephew), Andrew (my son), and David (me).  Although Roman has grown out of collecting (he’s a teenager and has become a musician), he still has a mild interest in what we open.  We’re always out on the hunt to find a variety of products and are excited to share them with you.

May you enjoy many years of card collecting.  Happy hunting!

RAD Trading Cards