Jan 07

Holiday and Fire

The Ducks are now ranked 4th in the NHL Western Conference while the Gulls have moved up to 5th in the AHL.  As the season progresses, so does the collection of digital cards.  Upper Deck ePack recently came out with 2017-18 MVP Hockey while Topps released their Holiday (candy cane base parallels) and Fire Insert sets.  I think the Topps Fire set goes well with hockey unlike baseball.  In baseball, the cards seem too busy as if you’re just looking at graffiti sprayed on a tunnel wall.  On the hockey cards, the players seem to stand out much better.  Pictured below are some the recent cards pulled.

Holiday Set


Hockey Inserts and Base Cards

Open for trades in Topps Skate and Upper Deck ePack – Looking for Ducks
Topps Fan Name = SD-PADRES | Upper Deck ePack ID = SD-PADRES

Jan 03

Mass Destruction

If you haven’t seen Star Wars: The Last Jedi, then take the afternoon off from work or reserve a lazy Saturday afternoon and head to the theater to watch this next episode in the Star Wars saga.  I took the family on opening day at AMC where we had the nice lazy-boy recliners reserved for the greatest comfort.  The story line wasn’t original as it’s another mission to blow something up – in this case a First Order Dreadnought ship that causes mass destruction.  As with all the previous Star Wars movies, I’m going to have to watch this at least two more times!  Once to really take in all the special effects and action and another time to pick up on details I’ve missed in the story line.  The Last Jedi introduces new characters, new ships, and further develops the relationship of Rey, Kylo Ren, and Luke Skywalker.  You’ll see a new Force power exercised by Luke, but not to be outdone his sister, Leia, has some extraordinary powers, too!  I’ve been really racking up the digital cards and like the Praetorian Guards – they are wicked guardsmen for Supreme Leader Snoke – too bad they just didn’t do a better job at protecting him!

Praetorian Guards

Star Wars Inserts

Open for trades in Topps Star Wars Card Trader – Looking for Rey, Ahsoka Tano and All Droids
Topps Fan Name = SD-PADRES

Dec 31


As a runner I’ve had my share of injuries, aches, and pains, including where my calf muscle cramps up like a rock.  Yeah, that’s painful but it’s nothing compared to what Hershel must have felt when a walker chomped on his lower leg like it was a KFC drumstick!  Ouch!  Luckily the man survived but we’ll see how long – remember my previous post of him kneeling on the ground with a samurai sword at the back of his neck.  The sword most likely belongs to Michonne – one of the new characters introduced in Season 3.  She’s a woman nobody messes with – just look at the two walkers she has tethered to a chain, their jaws removed and arms cut off to reduce the risk they pose.  Season 3 also brings back Merle Dixon who seems to have turn over a new leaf now that he’s been taken in by the Governor and the sanctuary city known as Woodbury.  Will he finally meet up with his brother, Daryl, or will fate continue to lead them in different directions?  Now that 2018 is upon us perhaps the new cards from Topps will show us.  In the meantime, here are some recent pulls including new PC additions of Sasha and Tara.

Tara & Sasha

The Walking Dead

Fear The Walking Dead

Open for trades in Topps The Walking Dead/Fear the Walking Dead – Looking for Tara and Sasha
Topps Fan Name: SD-PADRES
Postscript – I just finished watching S3E3 and Merle is still a mean SOB and the Governor is an insane psychopath!

Dec 29

Will Holm Get A Beating?

Two years ago Holly Holm gave Ronda Rousey a beating that essentially ended the golden maiden’s career.  This weekend Holm will fight against an arguably better competitor as she faces Cris Cyborg in UFC 219.  Will Holm get a beating like what she gave Rousey, or will she be victorious?  My money is on Cyborg so I’ll be setting up my cards in Topps Knockout.  Here are some recent pulls from the app.

Open for trades in Topps Knockout and Upper Deck ePack – Looking for Ronda Rousey
Topps Fan Name: SD-PADRES | Upper Deck ePack ID: SD-PADRES

Dec 28

Relic Set Complete

Relic set complete.  Not often I can say that but it’s true in the Topps Kick trading card app.  In the Bundesliga Chase Tier 4, you can go after a nice 7 card relic set where the odds are 1:7 in a 1,400 coin, 4 card pack.  Given that you’re awarded 20,000 free coins once a day if you play, it’s not terribly a hard set to complete.  However, on a few occasions I found the same relic would get pulled, so I ended up completing a few trades to complete the set.

I’m still at Tier 3 in the Premier League chase, but I’m hoping there’s a similar offering once I move up.  There’s been some other great inserts to chase as well – Chrome, International, and more.

Open for trades in Topps Kick and Upper Deck ePack – Looking for San Jose Quakes and Relics
Topps Fan Name = SD-Padres | Upper Deck ePack ID = SD-PADRES