Jan 21

Andrew’s Funny Faces!

We had to make a run to Walmart as my wife requested flour that she needed for tonight’s Sheppard’s Pie. Of course that meant checking the discount box of sports cards and I chose 2016 Topps Chrome Baseball. Watch as we tear into the packs – if you’re not entertained by the cards, then you’ll be entertained by Andrew’s funny faces!

Jan 19

Emotions During The Offseason

Emotions run like a roller coaster as soon as ball players are traded during the offseason.  This year was no different as AJ Preller offshored Yangervis Solarte to the Toronto Blue Jays.  Solarte was a fan favorite for San Diego, especially when he stepped out to the plate in spite of the tremendous grief he was suffered at the loss of his wife.  The man has fire and he brought that to the field in igniting the passion we have for our beloved Padres.  It seemed like a similar fate was to be dealt to Brad Hand, one of the league’s great RP’s.  Luckily, the deal was made and he’ll be around for a few more years.

As I go through the digital cards acquired on Topps Bunt, it allows the opportunity to reminisce about players who no longer wear the Padres uniform, remembering the excitement they had when they were first brought into the organization.  I also think about the excitement that we have for returning players.  Hunter Renfroe is one of the power hitters, and it’s great to see him return for 2018.  In fact, I like how he plays so much that I did something I said I wouldn’t do – I used real money to purchase his digital relic card.  It’s not guarantee that you’ll get a hit when opening a pack, so this put me back $14.  Nevertheless, I got both of Renfroe’s home and away jersey cards in the set.

I also enjoyed the Christmas themed cards that came out – they either had the snowflakes background or the candy cane trim.  Inserts were also a great catch during this last month, especially the Hank Aaron autograph!

San Diego Padres

Christmas Theme Cards

Other Great Cards

Open for trades in Topps Bunt and Upper Deck ePack – Looking for Padres, Jedd Gyorko and Adrian Gonzalez
Topps Fan Name: SD-PADRES | Upper Deck ePack ID: SD-PADRES

Jan 18

Dad, It’s Too Late!

Life has been busy… life has been about sports and entertainment this last month.  Andrew’s Lacrosse started up and he has an upcoming match against Feaster Elementary.  My niece’s roller hockey season is well under way, and I’ve consistently been running almost every day.  With the recent releases of great movies like Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Justice League, and Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, there’s been little time to write about the hobby.  However, I’m happy to still pick up a few cards here and there.  The most recent additions came from free handouts at last weekend’s Padres Fanfest where we received four Padres team packs previously issued as stadium giveaways in celebration of National Baseball Card Day.  But wait, there’s more!!!  The Padres Fanfest was all about collecting memorabilia and collecting we did!

It all started with noone wanting to go to the Fanfest.  It took a lot of convincing but Andrew agreed to go with the purpose of collecting autographs.  He’s never expressed too much interest in the Padres as he’s a Giants fan.  Nevertheless we boarded the trolley at H Street and headed to Petco Park.  My interest was in the Padres Garage Sale where I heard you could get authentic items.  We arrived and I was like a kid in a candy store!  Retail caps were $5 while team issued hats were $20.  Team issued batting and coaches helmets were $5 each (we picked up two), while player worn Jerseys were $30 – $75.  Those with autographs were $100.  Signed baseballs were only $5 while signed photographs were just $1.  I passed on the Jerseys and hats, but Andrew got a signed ball of John Baker and a framed card of Brian Giles.  We also picked up a some pins for 25 cents each while getting a couple of free Yearbooks.  Also for free was a Cooperstown Padres Jersey (excellent quality) in the classic brown and gold colors that I gave to Roman.  The prized items I picked up for $10 each are the large banners of Travis Jankowski, Yangervis Solarte, and Hunter Renfroe. These banners hung from the street lights surrounding Petco Park throughought the 2017 season.  Sure, I have no place to hang them other than my garage, but I just had to have them!

It took about 30 minutes to pay for out items as the line snaked back and forth throughout the area.  When we reached the front, I noticed some fans with game-used bats!  Oh, I had to get my hand on some of those but Andrew was the wiser one and said, “Dad, it’s too late! We need to pay!”  So after our shopping we got in another long line at one of the autograph stations where Andrew picked up an autograph of Buddy Baumann.

By now we were exhausted and passed on the other games and activities and refueled with pizza and soda.  We soon headed home and marveled at the success of the Fanfest.  Next year we’ll plan on staying the entire day!

Jan 07

Holiday and Fire

The Ducks are now ranked 4th in the NHL Western Conference while the Gulls have moved up to 5th in the AHL.  As the season progresses, so does the collection of digital cards.  Upper Deck ePack recently came out with 2017-18 MVP Hockey while Topps released their Holiday (candy cane base parallels) and Fire Insert sets.  I think the Topps Fire set goes well with hockey unlike baseball.  In baseball, the cards seem too busy as if you’re just looking at graffiti sprayed on a tunnel wall.  On the hockey cards, the players seem to stand out much better.  Pictured below are some the recent cards pulled.

Holiday Set


Hockey Inserts and Base Cards

Open for trades in Topps Skate and Upper Deck ePack – Looking for Ducks
Topps Fan Name = SD-PADRES | Upper Deck ePack ID = SD-PADRES

Jan 03

Mass Destruction

If you haven’t seen Star Wars: The Last Jedi, then take the afternoon off from work or reserve a lazy Saturday afternoon and head to the theater to watch this next episode in the Star Wars saga.  I took the family on opening day at AMC where we had the nice lazy-boy recliners reserved for the greatest comfort.  The story line wasn’t original as it’s another mission to blow something up – in this case a First Order Dreadnought ship that causes mass destruction.  As with all the previous Star Wars movies, I’m going to have to watch this at least two more times!  Once to really take in all the special effects and action and another time to pick up on details I’ve missed in the story line.  The Last Jedi introduces new characters, new ships, and further develops the relationship of Rey, Kylo Ren, and Luke Skywalker.  You’ll see a new Force power exercised by Luke, but not to be outdone his sister, Leia, has some extraordinary powers, too!  I’ve been really racking up the digital cards and like the Praetorian Guards – they are wicked guardsmen for Supreme Leader Snoke – too bad they just didn’t do a better job at protecting him!

Praetorian Guards

Star Wars Inserts

Open for trades in Topps Star Wars Card Trader – Looking for Rey, Ahsoka Tano and All Droids
Topps Fan Name = SD-PADRES